About Us

This company started out of the frustration that many tennis players have probably experienced...

Why are the only supplements out there made for other sports? The only options for tennis players are either electrolytes, which just don't quite cut it sometimes, and the hardcore stuff made for bodybuilders. 

What about the supplement made for Tennis players?

After growing up in the world of tennis, having moved to Bradenton, Florida to train at IMG Academy for most of my teenage years, I ended my career in college. After multiple injuries and the beat down this sport is emotionally and physically, I took a job in the nutrition industry.

After a few years in that world, I started to use my knowledge and expertise to put together some custom formulas and supplement mixes for my brother who was playing on tour and his friends. I was buying bulk ingredients and products and mixing them in certain precise formulas to create something for him to alleviate how often he was cramping, but most importantly to help him through the grind that futures and challengers can be. He loved them. His friends loved them. He kept calling me, "Can you make something up for my friend, he is always cramping..." or "He is always sore..."

And after so many of those phone calls I just decided to take the leap and gather a team of people and manufacturers and create the first and only supplement & nutrition company made for tennis players. 

See, I think tennis is a very peculiar sport. Not just any supplement is going to work, just like not just any tennis racket is going to work.

You aren't going to go to a retail store and buy whatever racket is hanging on the shelf, then why do you buy your vitamins there?

We created a line of supplements (and have more on the way!) that are created specifically for the needs of the tennis player! It's time to stop letting yourself down and your body, and it's time to make it count.