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The first ever vitamin & supplement company created by tennis players for tennis players. Whether you are practicing to win a major or just playing for fun -- It's time to make it count.

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Third Set

Our premier product, Third Set, is an on-the-go packet supplement that supports four main performance elements: Hydration, Muscle Stamina + Recovery, Focus + Mental Edge, & Overall Health.

what makes us different

  • Special Formulation

    Our supplements have been specifically formulated with the tennis player in mind. Learn about our ingredients...

  • We Need More...

    Tennis players need more than electrolyte tablets and sugary sport drinks. We created the more...

  • Make It Count

    Supplements won't make you a better player. That's magic.. But what if your body is holding you back? 


What's the difference between each supplement?

We currently have 2 products that we offer:

1. Third Set - This is our premium product. Our baby. It is meant to be taken before & during your practice, workout, or match. It has electrolytes, coconut water, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Vitamin C, B12, & herbal nutrients to keep your mind sharp during the stress of a match or practice. It comes in a super easy to open pouch for use right on the court and it tastes delicious!

2. BCAA - Branch Chain Amino Acids are some of the best things for your body. The body at it's most basic level needs amino acids. We have found that these specific branch chain amino acids in our specific dosing will noticeably aid in recovery. You will notice a spike in recovery time and soreness when taken post workout or match. You may also see an increase in strength and endurance.

Who should take these supplements?

We have created a line of supplements for tennis players at every level. Whether you are just starting out, been playing for years, or you are top in the world. Our bodies are not always running at their optimal level, due to over work & poor nutrition, we created a product that can fill in the gaps in any players life to help them stay hydrated and recover quicker. As with any supplement please consult a physician before taking.

Are these supplements NCAA approved?

We strive to create some of the cleanest products out there for tennis players. Unlike most companies, we hire an outside comapny to test every single batch of our product to confirm the ingredients have not been tampered with. Nonetheless, every school & testing facility is different and because of that as a precaution we encourage each athlete to confirm the ingredients with the necessary people at their university or federation.

Are you sponsoring any athletes?

Yes! We have a stable of athletes of all levels.  We are excited to bring our product to the tennis world and love the idea of partnering with as many as possible! Reach out to us here if you are interested in connecting with us on a sponsorship level.

Are these products WADA approved?

This is an important question that you should ask about every supplement you put in your body!

First it needs to be stated that any product that advertises itself as WADA approved is not technically true. WADA does not approve products. Instead, a company can 1) confirm that there are no ingredients in their products that are on the banned list and 2) a company can test their product to confirm that there has not been any sort of contamination in production. 

We have done both of those things. We have confirmed that our product does not contain any banned substances and have hired an outside company to test each and every batch to assure that there has been no contamination.

You can take our products confidently. As tennis players ourselves, we know how important it is to make sure our products are safe & tested for our athletes.

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